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Music learning Experience with Sangeet Sadhana

Beautiful art, appealing culture and traditional Guru-shishya parampara features Sangeet Sadhana. The school intends to encourage Students to research on a variety of subjects related to Hindustani classical music, develop their personal performance style, and receive an exploratory learning experience. Some of us learn music for inner satisfaction while some aspire to take it up as profession; a few would use music lessons towiden their knowledge horizons. Reasons could be many but the ultimate goal of the learning process is to sail across the melodic flows to reach the shore of sanctity.
Here is more about our teaching-learning approaches and ways to achieve them.

Voice culture:

Voice reflects the emotion of the soul. The resonant voice and open-throated articulation symbolizeourgayaki. Rightly stressing on the tonal quality, throw of the voice, pitch, intonation of lyrics and the optimized portrayal of expression characterizes the unique and appealing complexion of rendition.


Shruti and taal (rhythm) are ideally the 2 important elements which make up music. Key focus on the position of the swar and setting ourselves to the taal completes the meaning of understanding and experiencing music. The perfect synchronization of words and notes with taal is achieved by this approach.

Intensifying the raag:

The beauty of music is manifested in melody, expression, understanding and highlighting the emotion of the raag, which themselves, are arts. Beyond the conscious control and theories and concepts of music, sensing the thought and enjoying the dimension of the raag is vital. The Scientific and logical approach is followed by interpretingand adding new dimension to the established form of the raag.

Semi-classical forte:

Prolific presentation of semi-classical music, giving it a modern flavor sets it apart from the rendition of the core classics. The teaching programs highlight the strategically tuned method to learn and perform semi-classical styles which mainly deal with expression.

Exploring the diversity of music:

Sangeet Sadhana being a forum of multifaceted Gharanas, follows a holistic approach to incorporate versatility right from folk to classical music, not forgetting film and theatre. The repertoire includes dhrupad, dhamar and khayal, tarana (compositions of Persian based musical syllables), semi-classical forms like thumri, dadra followed by folk styles such as kajri, jhula, hori and more. Featuring the angs like nom tom alap, vistaar (elaboration of the raag), meend (gliding through the notes), gamak (vibratory melodic effect), sargam (swars), murki (a subtle intricate group of swars), bandish (lyrical part of the song) and many more, we provide a methodical raga-ang (raga-based) exploration in a neatly structured form built up into levels to teach the excellent treasury of music.

Personalized assistance:

Music lessons are not just taught but are imbibed into the learners. We train the minds of the students according to their grasping levels. Students are made to sing individually after which the gurus help them cope with what they lack. The school has been playing the major role in transforming the beginners to full-fledged artists with the equal efforts from the learners’ side.

Extended opportunity to serve classical music:

Students are provided with exclusive opportunities to contribute towards various research projects and lend their extended support to help the institute organize baithaks and concerts. In this way, various talents hidden in the students, coming from various backgrounds, are brought out while they in turn become means to serve classical music unconditionally.

Learn through music celebrations:

Concerts are splendid ways to celebrate and promote music where eminent artists perform and bless us. We consistently organize stage performances where the masters don’t just teach but also perform with their students. A brief description of every raag displayed on the background educates the audiences witnessing the concerts. To add upon, students get to interact and know more and learn more about the performing artists. Along with the practical lessons obtained from the concerts, students also carry with them, the blessings of the eminent masters.


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