Here is all that you can avail from Workshops

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Music is one of the divine forms of art which is inherent in every human being. Sadhana or practice is a method to rediscover the artist in you and to activate the art’s culture and magnificence, which is dormant. Sur and Taal form the cornerstones of music. The process of learning revolves around the vision of realizing the eccentricity of the musical facets. Scholars believe that the Sur and Taal reflect our heart beat; the pulse rate follows a particular pattern of rhythm which is called as Taal. The salubrious sound produced by the cardiac muscles while contracting and relaxing, contemplates the Shruthi which is the pivotal organ of music. The balance among them keeps the life going and that’s music.

The process of a beginner getting groomed into a classic musician is a combination of knowledge acquisition and realization. Its about learning a bit more than all that can be taught. The Guru’s thought process and his/her kingdom of knowledge can give you immense lessons, when you cross that extra mile of absorbing the learning entities. So how can one achieve it? The best way to imbibe all that music has to offer is by sensing its expression. Not everything can be technically understood, a lot can happen when you feel it. Cherishing your experiences with music, enchanting the understandings which you drew from spending time with the art and praising its beauty add to the practical ways of grasping music.

While we know the fact that the process of learning is endless, the educational platforms like workshops, seminars and informative discussions and many such extensive learning programs open doors to help us acquire integrated knowledge which is beyond the regular classroom lessons. Workshops help the students meet outstanding maestros and interact with them live. The natural nativity that the artists develop with the stage and their audiences has a lot to convey about bettering one’s stage presence and performances.

Here is all that you can avail from Workshops

  • Music workshops increase the level of creativity in us and help us come up with a sense of originality which make our performances unique.
  • Workshops help us not just correct our loopholes but also connect the dots to get complete understanding. A vocalist shall strengthen his/her skills to catch the beat and follow the rhythm while attending a session dealing with tabla, taal or lai.
  • Workshops cultivate the ability of "self understanding." You can study and assimilate the core elements of learning and implement them in producing your own work.
  • As a learner, it is highly important to unleash one’s complete potential. It can be achieved when risk-taking factors are at peak levels. Participating in workshops would exclusively help in overcoming fear to take risks.
  • Workshops connects the student to a practical realization of what expression and experience is all about.

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