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There is so much more to learn beyond syllabus. Not everything can be taught and lot of it has to be be learned. Inquisitive students of Sangeet Sadhana explore all the way deep into knowledge. They hold the objective of educating not just themselves but the society as well. The students divide themselves into energetic teams and research on various topics, themes and real time scenarios, which are related to music. In this way, a better understanding and ‘working and learning together’ attitude would be developed in the students. Along with gaining skills on team work, the students of the school unite and contribute towards the cause of appreciating, rediscovering and illuminating facts of music and all about it. All the lessons and conceptual knowledge gained from music, would be further enriched into multiple projects, each of them highlighting their genre and conveying distinct philosophies and information. The deep rooted essence and contemplated ideas are brought into light through such amazing efforts and initiatives of the students. The report obtained from all the studies and research, is then presented to the world through various media like blog, live presentation on stage, VR displays and more. Below is all about the latest remarkable original research projects, owned by Sangeet Sadhana. Read on!


Several Hindustani classical musicians have been honored by the Government with awards like Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Padma shri and Bharat Rathna. It is interesting to know that the department of Indian Post has issued stamps symbolizing the eminent artists to show its token of respect. Our students of Sangeeth Sadhana have worked on exploring all about the such released stamps.Adding on to the colossal, we had the most advanced technology of virtual reality (VR) to exhibitthe stamps. People were given a chance to take an enhanced look at the stamps. We created a documentary on the achievements of some of the artists, for whom the government has issued stamps as an honour. Stamps were displayed on reputed notice boards and a gist of it has been documented on our official blog as well.

Guru-Shishya Parampara

Since time immemorial in India, the Guru Shishya Parampara has been the method of passing on lessons and teachings to the next generation. Be it spiritual traditions, those of arts or sciences, whatever has come down to us today, are all assets of the same. This method of learning is unique and it is significantly different from the transaction-based practical nature of education. This project is an attempt to highlight certain crucial aspects of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, through clippings of the maestros of our hindustani classical music, who shared their experiences, learnings and a few words of guidance with the world.


Living a balanced and harmonious life in a metropolis like Bangalore is no easy task. Unrestrained desires and thoughts increase pressure at home and work which can cause one to spin out of control. Congestion, pollution etc. would further add to it. Ignored or mismanaged stressing agents can produce adverse effects on mental and physical well-being. Listening to music in general, would uplift mood, relieve stress, improve cognition and ease pain. More specifically, Indian classical music is known to provide a panacea for the ailing mind and body as it encompasses whole human evolution. Hindustani classical music, when sung or listened to with rapt attention, has the potential to transcend the mind completely into a state of bliss or ecstasy. It also has the capacity to invoke emotions which are the experiences of rasa or the aesthetic in an individual. The principle of rasa is enjoyment and delight which when experienced, can de-stress and balance the mind. The project, Raganubhav involved the making of a short film, demonstrating the disturbed state of mind of an individual who leads a modern hectic life and the way he found solace through Indian classical music.


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