Art is something that needs to be cultured. Learned artists are the ones who practice with understanding. The process of learning begins as soon as the learner surrenders his/her self to the guru. How exactly does the learning process start? How does an artist become one? The specially designed orientation program answers all such questions. Read on!

Why Orientation?

Any student who joins Sangeet Sadhana must first know the values and traditions of Hindustani classical music. The school's teaching method encompasses the ideologies and principles of the Gharana System or Padhatti. As the name suggests, Gharana (Ghar + Ana) ideally means that the student or shishya visits the teacher or the guru's place to learn. This is where orientation plays a significant role. From this program, students learn about how and what the learning process is. The students are supposed to be oriented to the school's ways and practices. The Guru-shishya parampara is one of the unique attributes of Sangeet Sadhana, which educates the students about the relation between the guru and the shishya, what a guru means to the shishya, how important is the guru's decisions, moves, teachings and ways of imparting knowledge, and what surrendering to the guru is all about. The student is said to be ready to start learning, once the attitude of samarpan is inculcated into his/her self. Disciple(shagird) is the one who completely surrenders to the guru and that is when the true musical journey starts.
Traditionally, Gharana methods involved testing the aspiring learners' level of patience and crave, that they had towards learning music. So, during the initial years of training, they had to prove their dedication and commitment by toiling on the household chores. Based on the same, the guru would then accept the qualified, as students. Irrespective of whether your interest lies in instrumental or vocals, it is mandatory to have an idea of sur and all the 22 shruthis. A brisk understanding of the 7 notes, listening and singing techniques, rhythm or the taal and position of the swars, is important for anybody to proceed. The incident of the reputed vocalist, Ustad Wazir Khan saheb teaching the founders of the 3 predominant instrumental gharanas- Maihar, Bangash and Imadad Khani, explains it better.
The orientation program essentially grooms the individual into a student, who is ready for acquiring further knowledge and training in order to become an artist.

Who Needs Orientation?

Music does no discrimination and anybody can learn and love it. Believing and implementing the fact that learning, nurturing and promoting art is the right of every art lover and aspirant, Sangeet Sadhana has crafted a veritable music guide in the name of the orientation program. By taking up the same, you will obtain a deeper and a clearer insight into music if you are a beginner. If you had journeyed through it and want to resume, then you can assess where you stand and brush up your skills. With this opportunity, you can discover and rediscover yourself in terms of a musician.
In a nutshell, qualifications to learn music are:

  •  Desire and hunger to learn
  •  Commitment for Riyaz
  •  Focus and dedication
  •  Humble attitude

The orientation program is the very first step. Hence, students from diverse culture, religion, background, different ages, schools, learning methods and experiences come under a single roof of Sangeet Sadhana to understand music in its purest form. The program is for you

  • If you want to explore, learn and perform different genres of music like classical, light classical, semi-classical, Bollywood, ghazal, bhajan and much more.
  • If you want to specialize in semi-classical genres of music like Thumri, Kajri, Chaiti, Hori, Tappa, Jhoola and more.
  • If you love instruments but not sure about which to learn.
  • If you are an absolute beginner and would love to start your journey in music.
  • If you are looking for musical ways to release stress and get some peace.
  • If you are a certified musician (Sangeet Visharad and beyond the level) who is trained for around 15-20 years, but you've paused your journey and want to restart it.
  • If you've dreamed to become a musician but want to start learning in your retired life. Age is no bar!
  • If you want to take music as your profession.
  • If you are certified and would want to continue further.
  • If you want to perform; orientation chases your stage fear away.

Lessons in Orientation

The Next Step

Going through the orientation program in itself is a milestone in your musical journey. The program stands as the strongest and complete foundation for any music aspirant to move towards further training. After the program, you do not just remain as an individual or a music aspirant but you will be called shishya, who is ready to start the pride-filled musical life. The gurus will designate you into an appropriate batch for the Raagdhari training, based on the musical identity gained by you. From then, you will be trained under the levels- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


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